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Employer Support Important To Positive Workplace Ergonomics

There is often a great deal of talk about ergonomics in the workplace, but supplying an employee with an ergonomically-correct keyboard and calling it a day, really isn’t enough anymore. Like anything, people need to be taught how to operate the tools properly so they can fully benefit from using ergonomically correct equipment.

This can happen, if employers are willing to create a positive environment for ergonomics and ergonomic changes in the workplace. In fact, according to a recent Business Insurance article titled, “Positive Support As Important As Ergonomic Equipment”, employer support is paramount to employees successful utilization of ergonomic furniture and equipment.

Companies can see the value of this mindset by a decrease in workers’ compensation claims and less absenteeism due to injuries. If the company culture is one that is open to safety improvement feedback, employees will embrace not only using the tools, but feel their companies are actively helping keep them well and safe.

The article also provides a further suggestion to improve safety conditions. It notes that employers can implement an “ergo room,” where workers can borrow and test new ergonomically-correct equipment to see how it feels and if it alleviates strain for the worker. With everyone having different body types and needs, this approach may work especially well for some companies.

There are even ergonomists today that can visit your workplace and make company-wide suggestions as well as visit individual employee stations to make changes. The world of ergonomics is all about small adjustments that can produce highly effective safety improvements.

Source:  Business Insurance. Positive Support As Important As Ergonomic Equipment. 5.26.2104, Vol. 48 Issue 11.

Nova Medical Centers is glad to share this deeper look into the importance of employer support for workplace ergonomics.

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