Employee Physicals and Testing Services

Depending on the industry, employers are often faced with the reality of preventing risk and/or complying with regulations immediately upon hiring employees. Measuring capability and medically certifying employees through physical examinations are tasks Nova Medical Centers’ professionals are effective in delivering REAL-TIME.

Nova Medical Centers’ physical exam services include:

  • REAL-TIME web-based communication through Occuflex® allows Nova Medical Centers
  • REAL-TIME customized web-based reporting
  • DOT regulated physicals and cards reported in REAL-TIME ONLINE
  • AUTOMATED email notification of DOT physical expiration
  • Pre-placement physicals reported in REAL-TIME ONLINE
  • ADA compliant Physical Performance Evaluations (PPE) reported in REAL-TIME ONLINE
  • Pre-employment physicals (Respirator, Asbestosis, HAZMAT, etc…)
  • Pre-employment testing (RFT, PFT, Audiogram, etc…)