Tele-Triage (After Hours)

Nova understands the difficulty employers face when responding to employee injuries that occur after normal business hours or at remote locations. Nova’s tele-triage service brings 24/7 health professional access to our customers by enabling practitioners to safely and effectively assess and recommend treatment dispositions for injured employees with a simple phone call. Nova’s free tele-triage service offers timely facilitation of patient access and appropriate disposition of injured employees to the proper level of care around the clock by calling 1-866-480-1310 Option 5. You will be connected with a licensed physician who is specially trained in occupational healthcare to assist in responding to injured employees. Please call 1-866-480-1310 Option 5 for after-hours tele-triage services from our specially trained physicians.

Please call 1-866-480-1310 Option 5 for after hours Tele-Triage connections to one of our medical doctors.