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Companies who operate second and third shifts have little choice for injury care other than the local emergency room. Nova Medical Centers offer employers a viable after hours alternative for non-emergency injuries through a physician staffed triage hotline.

Please contact us for more information about this free service at 1-866-480-1310.

Team Building and Creating a Better Workspace

  Team building involves different activities focused on strengthening relationships between leaders and employees. It improves cooperation by completing an exercise through collaborative work. These exercises provide insight by valuing common interests by putting personal differences behind and developing skills through these activities. In today’s fast-paced workplace culture, promoting teamwork has become critical since everything is about competition. Competition in the workforce causes tension and self-criticism. When a team stops working together, the success of the company declines as well.

 Top view of four men and one woman sitting together at table and discussing blueprints during business conference. Multi ethnic architects, designers and engineers working at office.

     There are several team-building exercises to choose from that are fun and insightful. Here are the four points to establish when developing team-building exercises.:

  1. Set Goals and Objectives
    You must first set goals and objectives towards what the company is trying to achieve. Receive insight by asking about the employee’s opinions about the company’s environment. Then build exercises that focus on the development of these weaknesses. Examples include lack of communication, time management and division in the workplace. 
  2. Team Work
    While conducting team-building exercises, groups should be on rotation, and the same members from each team should have a chance to work with everyone in the workplace. This example will improve inclusivity and teamwork in the workplace.
  3. Cooperation
    The team-building process is more effective when done during work hours. Leaders should find a time where everyone is available to participate in the team-building exercises.  Although, it is great to plan fun work events outside of work to create a friendly work environment.
  4. Communication
    When delivering these activities to your team you want to make sure to communicate in an efficient and effective manner. During these activities you will have to resolve conflicts, assign tasks, set goals, and more. This will set a clear understanding of what it is that you want your team to improve on.

               The importance of creating a better work environment is beneficial for the success of each employee and the company. For a team to be successful, the team must collaborate with each other’s ideas and overcome weaknesses. Here at Nova Medical Centers we find building the right team helps our mission to provide the highest level of professional healthcare. Follow Nova Medical Centers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to learn more about different team building activities and how to create a better workplace.

5 Tips to Help You Fight the Flu

With fall just around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for flu season. 10% of the population contracts the flu yearly. Though it may not seem like a high percentage, more people are affected than you think. Interacting with people who have been exposed to the flu is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean we can’t better prepare ourselves. Below are 5 tips to help you fight the flu:

  • Get Vaccinated – Vaccinations are the best way to help the prevention of spreading the flu. Nova Medical Centers proudly offers onsite vaccinations. It is important to know the benefits of receiving flu vaccines.
  • Sanitizers are your Best Friends – During flu season, sanitizing commonly used surfaces such as computer equipment, doorknobs, desks and telephones can help keep from spreading the flu. Use cleaning products and disinfectants to kill germs on surfaces.
  • Wash Your Hands – Washing your hands several times a day prevents spreading flu germs. Germs can live on anything someone who is infected has touched for over two hours. It is advised to wash your hands several times a day. You soap and water to thoroughly wash hands. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Stay Home When You’re Sick – If you have the flu, the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to stay home. Staying home prevents the spreading of the flu.
  • Exercise and Eat Healthy – Feeding your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and exercising regularly is proven to help you fight viruses. The healthier you are, the less prone to illnesses you become. Work-out regularly, eat your veggies and get plenty of sleep. Your body will thank you once flu season arrives.

Nova Medical Centers is here to help protect your workplace and staff from the influenza and COVID-19 by offering a comprehensive onsite service package including; flu shots, COVID-19 saliva tests, temperature checks, and a self-administered COVID-19 saliva test.  Please click on those links for more information or leave us a note in our contact us form.

Virtual Reality Transforming Healthcare

Virtual reality (VR) is the term closely linked to a revolutionary new generation of gaming technology. VR gaming introduced the consumer to computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with via special electronic equipment such as a headset. By stimulating senses such as sight, sound and even smell, the interest and demand of VR technology have expanded to many other industries, most notably the healthcare industry.

VR is helping train medical students, assist surgeons in planning upcoming operations, and also providing unique treatments to patients with a variety of conditions while relieving pain and anxiety during minor procedures.

VR medical training

During medical school, students rarely have a chance to experience real-world surgical operations that they would need to perform precisely when the time arises. VR platforms allow students to fully immerse themselves in a surgical experience which requires quick thinking and analysis and also to view surgical procedures from a first-person perspective.  In fact, according to Harvard Business Review VR training improved participants’ overall surgical performance by 230% compared with traditional training methods.  Furthermore, VR is helping close the gap on any challenges doctors may come across during complicated procedures by providing 3D visualization of a patient’s body (with the help of MRI scans) which allows them to venture inside a patient’s organ from any desired angle to examine what surgical approach might work best for each individual patient.

VR treatment 

VR has been used to successfully treat patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through exposure therapy. The idea is to take a patient back to the memory of their trauma over and over again until their triggers no longer produce anxiety.  This method has been found to be more effective than treatments like medication and psychotherapy.  Similarly, VR has been shown to manage chronic pain and anxiety for patients undergoing frightening procedures.  The immersive effect of VR tricks the most primal parts of the brain into experiencing a different reality which, as a result, relieves the patient and takes focus away from the pain. Additionally, a study by the conversation found that, for patients who were anxious about walking during physical therapy sessions, by slowing down the rate at which patients moved in their virtual environment it naturally caused the patient to speed up their walking. It makes the process a little bit more fun since VR allows patients to use the movements of their therapy exercises as interactions in a VR simulation. VR is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry, as healthcare providers continue to recognize its benefits.

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