Physical Therapists Author Article in the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Magazine

Houston, TX (May 13, 2019) Nova Medical Centers’ Physical Therapists were published in the quarterly issue of the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy’s (AOPT) publication.

The AOPT is a nonprofit organization that represents physical therapists focused on the rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries, with a membership of over 19,700 professionals and practitioners.

“The Nova physical therapy providers are best in class with the care they render and their commitment to advancement of their profession. Both of which benefit patients and clients. We are proud of their work” says Dr. Mark Pucek, Nova Medical Centers’ Chief Medical Officer.

The significance of this article is to provide practical advice to assist physical therapists with the management of work participation barriers after an acute injury, in order to reduce productivity loss and psychosocial changes during recovery. Effective and timely management of the acutely injured worker is strengthened by participation in some form of productive duty, access to workplace-based return-to-work programs, and convenient healthcare provider services.

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As the largest 100% occupational health provider in the nation, Nova treats on-the-job injuries, conducts pre-employment services and screens, and offers preventative care services. Nova connects with employers to maximize employees’ health and get America back to work better and faster.

Nova Medical Centers operates 49 occupational medicine facilities across Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana and has more than 700,000 patient visits and treats over 40,000 injured employees each year. Locations have an average claim closure rate of 18 days and a 97% same-day return to work rate.  Nova Medical Centers provides work injury care services, pre-employment testing, drug screens, physical therapy, and online medical reporting.

Nova utilizes real-time web-based reporting through its proprietary electronic medical record system, Occuflex®, which allows Nova’s clients to remain constantly up-to-date with claim status. Nova Medical Centers continues to revolutionize occupational healthcare and strives to provide the best occupational medical services possible.