Nova Medical Centers is dedicated to protecting your employees and worksites as the economy starts to open by offering on-hand COVID-19 saliva testing.

What Does NOT Testing your Employees Cost?

  14-day quarantine
$?  Loss of production
$?  Healthcare expenses
$?  Exposure to the workforce

If there is a COVID-19 Outbreak?

  Expenses grow per employee exposed
$?  Risk of worksite shutdown

Nova Medical Centers can help you save on these expenses with an on-hand self-administered COVID-19 Saliva Test.  This is the GOLD STANDARD PCR TEST for COVID-19.  It is a FAST, SAFE, PRACTICAL, AND RELIABLE ON-HAND solution for maintaining workplace safety, test and result when needed, and lower expenses due to a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

How can Nova Medical Centers help?

Please Note: Global demand for COVID-19 testing is extremely high and supplies are very limited.

Timing is critical to secure testing for your employees and worksite.

Sign up TODAY! Quantities are limited and first-come, first-serve.

Just fill out the form on this page or contact your Nova Industrial Director.

Additional Education Resources on the COVID-19 Saliva Test:

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    Yale School of Medicine

    First FDA EUA Authorized COVID-19 Saliva Test