Nova Medical Centers Announces Upgrade to its Transportation Fleet

HOUSTON, TX (May 21, 2019) – Nova Medical Centers is pleased to announce the upgrade of the entire fleet to new, more efficient patient transportation vehicles.

Since Nova’s inception, we have provided free transportation to assist our patients in recovery from work-related injuries, return them to optimal function and carry on with normal life in the shortest time possible. However, our fleet has been aging over the years and has become more costly to operate; which precipitated internal discussions to discontinue the service.

“Nova’s vision is to transform the occupational healthcare industry through exceptional service, outcomes, and inNOVAtion” says Bruce Meymand, Chief Operating Officer of Nova Medical Centers.  “Free patient transportation is one of the tenants of that vision.”

New, efficient, and environmentally friendly patient transport vans are operational in all 50 centers, free of charge for injury care services only, to the patient and all other stakeholders.

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