Nova Itinerant Physical Therapist Featured in APTA Perspectives Magazine

Nova Itinerant Physical Therapist Featured in APTA Perspectives Magazine

Andrea Hull, PT, DPT was featured in APTA Perspectives Magazine:

Occupational medicine had not even been on her radar, but when she was offered several jobs in Texas, she chose a job with NOVA, where her boss who was supervising physical therapy at the clinic was a certified orthopedic manual therapist (COMPT), a certified clinical instructor (CCI), and had an orthopedic specialist certification (OCS). Although she had no experience with occupational medicine, NOVA put her through a rigorous training process and its entry-level physical therapy program, where she had a mentor and completed journal article reviews, quarterly case studies using her own patients, and a final in-service project. “I liked that. I knew the PTs I’d be working with at NOVA would be higher caliber, that they were proven,” she says. “The company was committed to continuing education and reimbursed for that, and they encouraged me to delve into that quickly.”

Hull is in her third position in 3 years at NOVA. And although she doesn’t work with professional athletes, she is happy with her decision. “A lot of times people have very physical jobs or are what we call occupational athletes. Working with them is really rewarding because you’re affecting their day-to-day life in a positive way. When you see a person 3 days a week, and you learn about their kids and their families, it’s a good feeling to know you’re helping them out.”

In her current job, Hull meets almost all of NOVA’s clinicians and has an opportunity to help them develop as professionals. “I thought I might be in a leadership role at some point in my career, but I did not think it would happen so soon,” she says. “I value the fact that NOVA saw that in me.”

“I’m very much a planner,” she says. “I’m very Type A, and it’s hard for me to vary from a plan unless there’s a good reason. I think NOVA gave me those good reasons.”

These PTs are working in positions they find rewarding because they were willing to assess their situations, determine what they wanted out of their careers, and make the necessary changes. So whether you choose the road less traveled or the well-used path, experiment, learn, and ask yourself what you need and want in order to be happy and satisfied in your career. And don’t be afraid to make a change.