The Nova Culture

  • Our Mission

    To provide high quality, cost-effective occupational healthcare services that promote exceptional outcomes and exceed the expectations of our patients and clients.

  • Our Vision

    To be a national leader and set the standard for occupational healthcare solutions.

  • Ethics and Compliance

    Nova Medical Centers has a comprehensive Ethics and Compliance program which is an integral part of the way we care for patients and conduct business with our clients and occupational healthcare partners.

  • Values Statement

    Our work is guided by key values:

    • We value our employees as individuals and collectively as a team. Together we actively pursue excellence and search for the next level of performance and innovation.
    • Teamwork is central to our work. We each take the responsibility to contribute effectively to the team.
    • We bring the Passion for Service philosophy to our work: Be there for the patient. Be there for our customers. Be there for our payor partners. Choose a positive attitude and enjoy your work.
    • We take pride in our work.
    • We believe in a dynamic, forward-moving, innovative healthcare organization.
    • Our integrity and ethics will not be compromised.
    • We are good stewards of limited resources so that we can most effectively meet the many needs of our industry stakeholders.
    • We are respectful, helpful, and supportive to one another, our patients and our clients.
    • Fun and humor are healthy for us and for our patients. We intentionally incorporate fun into the Nova Medical Centers environment.