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Cold Stress: Types and Tips on Avoiding Workplace Injury

During the cold months of the year, it is important to know the several types of cold stress and what to do if you or anyone you work with is exhibiting signs of being too cold. Knowledge about the cold and how to react to the temperatures is key to protecting yourself and others and staying […]

The Value of Worker Safety Education Going Online

There are more than 100 OHSA regulations that companies must train their workers about and there are plenty of training programs to comply with these requirements.  Yet many companies today recognize that how they do safety and health education is just as important as what they teach. Companies are looking to engage their employees and […]

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Nova Medical Centers Announces New Knoxville Location

Nova Medical Centers, the nation’s largest 100 percent pure occupational health services company, will be opening its fourth location in Tennessee in  Knoxville in early March 2014, just weeks after opening its first three locations in the state. The Knoxville facility is preceded by Nova’s two Memphis locations and Chattanooga location. The new Knoxville location […]

Physician Assistants – The Future of the Medical Community

Today’s physician assistants (PA) know the value and importance of their degree, as they continue to watch it grow in popularity. In 2010, Money Magazine already listed the PA profession as the second-best job in America. In June of 2011, Forbes Magazine noted that a PA degree was the best master’s degree for students based […]

Injury Rehab: 5 Apps to Assist Your Recovery

Dealing with injuries is not fun. It is challenging for regular folks to have to deal with injuries but for athletes, it is a lot tougher. There are no miracles though. Hard work and patience are required to bounce back from injuries. Folks who are dealing with an injury need to work with physiotherapists and […]

4 Basic Ways To Prevent Workplace Injury

If work isn’t done safely, it can put a lot of strain on your body in both the short and long-term. And all types of jobs – even desk jobs – can lead to injuries. Taking basic steps can help you prevent a workplace injury. Below we will provide four basic precautions you can take […]

Expanding Role for Nurse Practitioners

As healthcare reform unfolds, nurse practitioners continue to play an important role in providing quality care to millions of patients. It is estimated that once the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is implemented an additional 30 million people will be using the healthcare system. The need for nurse practitioners will continue to grow right along with […]