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The Benefits of Industrial Medicine to Workers

For as long as work existed, the health of workers has been a primary goal of employers throughout the world. It has always been known that healthy workers are the most productive, and firms have focused on optimizing their employment conditions to maximize the health of their workers and to lower their exposure to any liability as […]

Ensuring The Highest Standard With Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Employers have a specific process in place that is used by the HR department in order to conduct interviews and hire employees. The HR department is responsible for vetting prospective employees to make sure that they meet the established standards of the business and share its overall vision. While there are certain standards that are […]

Quality Industrial Medicine is Necessity in the 21st Century

The idea of having an area of healthcare devoted specifically to treating occupational needs is a relatively recent one. In the past, the Northeastern United States often lacked proper ventilation, featured overcrowded floors with employees working in close proximity to dangerous machines, and a general lack of regard for workplace safety on the part of […]