Nova Medical Centers Sets Precedent with Outcome Reporting

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Nova Medical Centers Sets Precedent with Outcome Reporting

Houston, Texas – January 19, 2016

Today, Nova Medical Centers, the nation’s largest pure occupational health provider, reported new clinical data that showed all patient-centered outcome measures for treated injured workers at a 91% or better functional ability in the fourth quarter and an average of 5.7 visits and an average claim duration of 17.1 days.

After integrating outcome measures into patient flow in the centers’ setting last year, Nova has seen positive outcomes with consistent improvement in the functional ability of injured workers which can result in an earlier return to full duty. Senior Vice President of Therapy Services and National Therapy Director, Dr. Trisha Perry PT, DPT, CWcHP said, “Utilizing well-accepted and validated standardized measures allows us to gauge the effectiveness of individual treatment plans and focus on achieving the best results in the industry.”

To achieve these positive outcomes Nova, a multidisciplinary setting, utilizes an early intervention treatment philosophy. A philosophy that with the inclusion of data collection on four specified measures at the start of the therapy episode of care, at specified points during treatment, and at the time of discharge, stimulates dialogue amongst all stakeholders: the patient, the employer, the payor, and the clinician. This collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders understand the treatment objectives and helps get the injured worker the appropriate care at the right time.
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